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KAVERI : A Social Welfare Organization

Kaveri is a non-government organization working to provide education to the underprivileged children of Delhi. Kaveri was formerly registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 at Delhi on 25th day of January 1999 to provide pre - school education to the children in the slums of delhi. Since then, the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage.

Today, we reach out to thousands of children living in urban area through a range of interventions.

All our programs are designed to ensure that:

1. Enrollment in school increases.
2. Learning in school and communities increases.
3. The education net reaches children who are unable to attend school.
4. Modals are replicated and scaled up to serve large numbers of children to achieve a large scale impact.

We also work with the school systems and communities to plan and implement our programs. Our volunteers, mainly women, belonging to the same communities as the children, work with us to implement the interventions at the grassroots. These volunteers are mobilized, trained and monitored by the Kaveri team and also provided with Teacher, Learning Material and books developed by Kaveri . This not only ensures more effective implementation of our programs, but also helps build capacities at the grassroots for providing quality education to the children. Empowerment of women, especially from economically weaker sections of the society and from minority religious groups is often cited as one of Kaveri's most significant contributions to the communities in which itntervenes. These young women benefit not only in terms of capacity building with regard to additional employable skills like teacher training, managing the local programs/enterprise, communication etc. But most importantly, confidence building and increased respect and acceptance in the local community.

Creating employment, livelihood avenues, improving quality of life of the teeming millions, making provision of services, and amenities in rural areas particularly drinking water, sanitation, health and housing, creating infrastructure and protecting environment, arresting depletion /degradation of natural resources are the prominent development challenges today. The inception of “KAVERI” is intrinsically to address the above problems by promoting participatory research, implementation and management of developmental projects, decentralization/non decentralization, decision making, grassroots/village level development planning and implementation, social justice and empowering marginalized sections of society particularly the SCs, STs, women, children, physically and mentally challenged and other socio economically backward masses. It is therefore one such organization, which is dedicated to rural development, empowering the marginalized sections of society, protecting human rights and environment and preserving social and ecological balances.